Blanket Recipients...

It's nice to have something of my own that no one can take away from me. – Sami

Makes me feel important. – Brittany

Having "My Very Own Blanket" has been really great for me. When I emancipated, it was one of the few things I took with me. Moving into my apartment, my blanket was one of the first pieces of furniture I owned. My very own blanket has also served a purpose, the tied ends symbolized the loose ends in my life that I'm mending and tying together. Thank you. - Re'Gine


The children love the blankets! It really makes a hard experience less scary. – Traci – Franklin County

A six year old little boy had to be removed from his home due to being severely beaten by his father. He was not able to have any of his things so we brought him a blanket and stuffed animal. When given to him he replied, “Oh Thank goodness, I can sleep tonight!” – Breanna – Cuyahoga County

When the children comeinto our agency after leaving their homes, we let them pick out a blanket. Sometimes it’s the first smile you see on their faces. Thank You! – Tom – Holmes County

When I was still doing casework I had a young man who had received one of the blankets from your organization and I had to do an emergency removal to a new foster home. He said that he did not care about what all we packed up for him to take but he was definitely taking his blanket-it was that important to him. -Doris

Blanket Angel Volunteer…

"I was on the crew today for My Very Own Blanket. I thought it was awesome. The person who founded it gave us a little overview at the end of our shift. It was quite inspirational, to say the least. It's a really good program that needs more publicity, in my opinion. So definitely keep it on the list of places to help out for future events!" - Rob, The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business Masters of Accounting Program

It’s a small world…after all. "I enjoy volunteering at MVOB for many reasons, in addition to helping the foster children, we help each other. Recently, I met a gal at the MVOB Workshop and we started talking about places we’ve lived.  We realized that neighbors she had 50 years ago now live very close to my family.  So, we’re taking a 2 hour road trip sometime very soon so that they can be reunited." - Mary

"One of the volunteers brought her daughter whowas about 8 years old into the shop and was teaching her how to make a simple quilt blanket. I thought that was so special for that mom to teach her daughter not only a skill that will bring her years of joy and friendships, but she also taught her the value of giving to others through service. It reminded me of my mom teaching me to sew and what joy it has brought to my life." - Barb – Powell, Ohio

"During the winter of '09, right after my husband died, my sister Marion (at the time 93 years old) was diagnosed with cancer and I went to help take care of her. It was bitter cold and every day we had to go out for radiation but looked forward getting back home and make blankets to keep us warm! We worked together to make them. Marion would select the fabric and I would sew them together and at the end of the day we would pick our favorites! (Laughing) I remember that every day always guaranteed a new favorite!” - Bernice – Westerville, Ohio